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This is a state that has built its entire identity around tourism. Why should you come here? Because it is the one place everyone else has visited as well.

That may not sound like much of a reason to travel to anywhere, but if you canít swap stories about the lines at Disney World, the mosquitoes in the Everglades, the luxury Florida villas you stayed in, the cold spring water at Ichetucknee, or the superiority of the white sand beaches of the Panhandle, well, Iím sorry my friend, but youíre just out of the loop.

With 16 million citizens and 170,000 square kilometers of land, Florida is as large and as varied as a medium-sized country, and as such canít be seen in a weekend. It has been said that to truly understand a culture (and Florida has several), one must spend months immersed in it. With Florida this is a dangerous proposition. Many people who come to visit end up staying for the rest of their lives-which can make a person a little crazy.

Florida Map

Florida Theme parks

Disney World is a must-see for any family, and contains so many attractions it can take at least a whole week to visit them all. Disney World has 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, a bunch of beautiful themed resort hotels, and golf courses. You can get the traditional Disney experience at the Magic Kingdom, you can get up-close with various animals at Animal Kingdom, you can go behind the scenes at MGM Studios, and you can explore the world of today and tomorrow at Epcot.

Each theme park, as well as many of the resorts, have multitudinous dining options: From simple counter dining at McDonalds all the way up to the only 5 star, black tie restaurant to be found in the Orlando area. When combined with the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks, its pristine golf courses, and other surrounding attractions, the Disney property provides plenty of fun for all ages.

Holidays in Florida

Florida, of course, is known for many things: the Everglades; the sun, sand, and surf that make up Floridaís 1500 kilometers of beaches; the Florida Keys; South Beach, the trendiest place in the world at the moment; and, oh yes, Disney World. But there is much more.

Florida Airports

A Florida holiday is hugely exciting; no matter how many times youíve visited before. There are two international airports in Orlando, Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando Sanford Airport (SFB), both a short drive away from the hub of International Drive and the theme parks.

Best of Florida

florida best Floridaís western Panhandle is home to some of the finest beaches in the United States. The only elevation to speak of in the entire state is here, as are the stateís only caverns and some of the best canoeing around.

The north central area of the state is home to the stateís capital, Tallahassee, with a number of fine museums, as well as to the famous Suwannee River. Opportunities for fishing, cave diving, and indoctrination in Southern small-town culture abound.

Northeast Florida is home to the stateís largest city, Jacksonville, to the oldest continuously inhabited city in America, St. Augustine, and boasts the headquarters of the Professional Golf Association. Golf, fishing, history, and the oldest marine park in the country, Marineland, make northeast Florida well worth a visit.
Further south youíll come to world-famous Daytona Beach, as well as the site of the American space agency, NASA, in Brevard County--well worth seeing. Central Florida is dominated by Orlando and its well know coterie of theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and more tourist attractions than you can shake a stick at.

But donít miss the charming small citrus towns south of Orlando or the lake towns to the north. To the west lie Tampa and St Petersburg, beautiful cities with beaches to match. Tampa boasts a Busch Gardens theme park, but the real attraction here is the Gulf of Mexico, whose calm green waters and white sandy beaches are suitable for sunning year-round

South Florida is worth visiting there is still an unparalleled experience. Although Fort Lauderdale is no longer a Spring Break haven, and Miami has seen its share of urban troubles, as any large metro area would but the beaches, the people, the Everglades, and the experience of it all is not to be missed. And of course no one has truly seen Florida who has not taken the long journey down U.S. 1 through the keys to Key West, the ultimate vacationerís paradise, where itís as easy to fill your day with activity as it is to do nothing at all.


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