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Where To Experience American Culture In Europe

America is a dream holiday destination for many people. Attracted by the promise of amazing weather, breath taking scenery and the larger-than life culture, thousands of tourists head off to America each year. However, holidays in America come at a cost and many people are unable to afford to travel long haul. Before you travel anywhere, you should make sure you have packed your e111 card. If you're looking for a taste of all the things America is famous for in Europe, here's where you should go.

One of the main things America is famous for is its food. Generous portion sizes, unusual food combinations and delicious French fries are just some of the things you can expect when you visit an American diner. Fortunately, you don't have to travel all the way to the USA just to experience an American hot dog or burger. There are some excellent American diners in London. One of the most famous is the Blues Kitchen in Camden, which celebrates the history of music in America. You can expect an all-American dining experience, with barbecue food and burgers on offer. If you're interested in something a bit closer to the classic American diner in appearance, check out Electric Diner in Portobello Market. Here you can sample some classics like a cheese burger, supersize milkshakes and excellent desserts.

Outdoor Cinemas
A huge part of American culture is going to the movies. Drive in cinemas have featured in American rom-coms for years, leading many people to want to experience a movie underneath the stars for themselves. The trend has certainly begun to take off over here, a number of drive in and outdoor cinemas have been popping up across Europe. Almost every city in the continent has at least one cinema event throughout the year. Bologna has its own outdoor cinema season, Cinetteca di Bologna, over 50 films are shown throughout the summer in the impressive Piazza Maggiore. Another famous destination for outdoor cinema is Paris. The Cinema en Plein Air de la Villette, takes place in the stunning Parc de la Villette and is themed every year for a fun twist.

Shopping is something of a religion in America. If you're looking for an amazing shopping experience in Europe, you might not find the same miles of sprawling malls but you can still find some pretty amazing places to visit. Westfield shopping centre in London, is one of the largest malls in Europe. It has three floors of shops, ranging from designer boutiques to high street brands. It is even home to some of the biggest names in America, such as Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, to give you an almost authentic experience. If you're heading to Turkey, don't miss the Istanbul Cevahir in Istanbul. The luxurious shopping centre has six floors to get lost in and even has palm trees inside! There are over 343 shops in total, so you won't struggle to find something to suit your taste.

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