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Boca Raton is one of South Florida's most costly, well maintained cities, place to ladies who lunch and SUV-driving yuppies. The city's name literally translates as "rat's mouth," but you'd be hard-pressed to find rodents in this area's fancy digs.

Boca is a luxurious resort community and, for some, the only area worth staying in South Florida, tough Jerry TV parents retired of Seinfeld to the fictional Del Boca Vista, Boca's just too pricey to be a retirement community. With minimal nightlife, amusement in Boca is restricted to leisure sports, fantabulous dining, and upscale shopping. The city's residents and vacationers happily comply.

Delray Beach, called after a suburb of Detroit, grew up totally divide from its southern neighbor. This sleepy yet starting-to-awaken beachfront community was founded in 1894 by a Midwestern postmaster who sold reduced prices 5-acre lots through Michigan newspaper ads. Because of their close proximity, Boca and Delray can be examined conjointly. Budget-conscious travellers would make well to eat and sleep in Delray and dip into Boca for sightseeing and beaching only. The 2-mile stretch of beach here is well preserved and crowded, but not mobbed. Delray's "downtown" area is confined to Atlantic Avenue, which is known for casual to chic restaurants, quaint shops, and art galleries. Through the day, Delray is decidedly asleep, but lately, thanks to the improver of trendy restaurants and bars, nighttime is much more animated, a burgeoning hotbed of hipster activity, young and old. Still, analyzed to Boca, Delray is much more laid back, hardly as chichi, and more like a cute little beach town than the sprawling, swanky, suburban feel emitted by Boca.

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