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Boca Raton is a city in the largest county of Florida, Palm Beach (Between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale); it has a curious name, Boca Raton in English is Mouse Mouth that comes from a Spanish term that refers to rocks that gnawed at a ship cable. This beautiful destination has a Tropical rainforest climate, important for the landscape that characterizes the city.

As you arrive to Boca Raton, youíll see that people enjoy a high standard of living that gives the city a great appearance and many facilities, people can visit and enjoy of several activities all year, thatís why itís known as an all-year destination in its great beaches at any time of day.

Boca Raton is a city full of opportunities of entertainment with things to see and do; such as Beaches, Resorts, Cinemas, Parks, Museums and more. In this section youíll find several Boca Raton photos of some popular places in the city that captivates visitors from every part of the world. You may consider some of these places for including them in your itineraries or ask for them to your travel agency.

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