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Daytona photos show just a piece of the hundreds of exciting attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other highlights to see and activities to do. Daytona is known as the World Center of Racing and the home of NASCAR and it has an important role in history of civil rights.

Daytona is a place visited by many tourists each year, so itís well-implemented with different things for tourists of all ages, one can find different places to eat, museums to visit, beaches to spend some time with family, parks, and more, all these destined to be a great factor to make an unforgettable experience of your trip.

Daytona is a safe place for visitors that want to enjoy all that this city has to offer; below youíll find some of the most impressive images and pictures of Daytona attractions you shouldnít miss in your trip; it includes: Sunset at Daytona Beach, views of Daytona Beach, streets in Daytona Beach and more.

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