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Eating in Florida

Local specialties diverge from region to region; Jacksonville is well-known for barbeque, Miami for (what else?) fine Cuban cuisine. Ethnic cuisines of all kinds can be observed through the state, containing good ol' Southern cuisine in the northern part of the state. Seafood, even so, is king.

Florida restaurants

Florida has from a vast overgrowth of typical American chain restaurants. Circumvent these except in cases of extreme hunger; local restaurants will always dish superior food. Haute cuisine is served at a number of restaurants through the state, but especially in and around the wealthy enclaves of Miami Beach, Naples, and Palm Beach. You'll pay for it, but the food is exquisite.

florida restaurants

For the visitor on a more realistic budget, there are several of ethnic restaurants around the state. In south Florida, be sure to dine on some authentic Cuban cuisine. Haitian and Brazilian restaurants are becoming progressively common in parts of Fort Lauderdale and Miami as well; both are worth a taste for the more adventurous diner.

Greek communities in Tarpon Springs, Tampa, and the Fort Lauderdale area provide fine Greek and Mediterranean restaurants, while authentic Italian food can be had during the Miami metro area. Indian and Thai restaurants are becoming more ordinary in the state's metropolitan areas; Jacksonville is known for its sizable Filipino community and Filipino cuisine. If you keep kosher, you'll possess no trouble in South Florida, and will notice a perhaps surprising variety in the state's other population centers. Vegetarian meals are dished at almost any restaurant; vegan dining can be harder, if not impossible in the north of the state.

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