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Education in Florida

Florida has an educational system that consists in private and public instruction; this state has a Department of Education responsible for managing the standards of teaching that the American government orders. This includes the State University System of Florida, Independent and Non-Independent Collages System and other private educational institutions.

In all cases, if you want to apply for a teacher in Florida, you must know the requirement to get the job. You may prepare your professional resume following some tips and format like this teacher resume example. Also you may understand the importance of a well-prepared interview and attach a personal cover letter.

Florida’s education system

Florida’s education system is the fifth in the USA ranks. The American state invests huge amounts of money in Education so this country is a global leader. It is compulsory for all kids between six years and sixteen years. However, the ages for compulsory education vary in other states. The education is divided in three levels: Elementary School, Middle School and High School. This division is followed by most public and private schools. “Collage” is the mane for the post-secondary education.  

The first stage is Preschool and Kindergarten. Preschool is a non-compulsory instruction; this stage helps children discover their skills. Kindergarten is the first stage of compulsory education, kids of five or six years must attend regularly to their classes. Elementary education gives students basic knowledge in every subject. Teachers have a book for each subject in public schools, which are made by the government.

education in florida
The Junior High School or Middle School is for all children between ten years to fourteen years. This stage gives students more Independence to let them discover what they want to do in the future. Students can choose the subjects that they want to study. However, most schools have a minimum number of mandatory subjects that students must study and other elective ones that they can either take or not. Therefore, students take more responsibility for their education. Most high schools give advanced knowledge, so students can apply to universities after they finish high schools successfully.  

There are public and private universities and colleges in Florida. The State University System of this state manages all of them. Most of its universities are ranked in the most well-known university rankings; the University of Florida is the best among these. At universities, students can choose the subjects that they want to study; most university courses promote research.

Universities though, are not the only option after high school. There are many collages like business schools in Florida, but most of them are private and private education is expensive in Florida. The business schools in the south of Florida are the best, and they are well-known for its excellence in international business studies.

Education resources in Florida

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