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Employment in Florida

Also known as the sunshine state, Florida is very popular because of Mickey Mouse living there since 1967, the Walt Disney Corporation represents a great income and it is an employment generator to Florida’s economic development. 

However, as we know, economies are composed of a bunch of parts and aspects, so Florida´s economy relies on many other industries such as: tourism, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and education.

“Dr. Evil Unemployment” was created by the state of Florida, a super hero with the purpose of countering the economic crisis and unemployment rate. This is an initiative of the state to support emotional and economic situation of Floridians.

Employment is getting its strength back in Florida; the employment rate had a substantial recovering over the last years. According to employmentflorida.com online job vacancies have been increasing by 87,014 jobs in total.


While unemployment is going down, employment rates improve at a fast pace according to job analyst experts, “Florida’s economy has turned the corner, our economy is clearly heading in the right direction” they said.

Employment agencies

employment Employment agencies play a vital role in Florida´s unemployment situation, as we know, a solid liaison with the correct one can be very productive for you.

Nowadays, there are about 3,962 employment agencies in Florida only.

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