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Population's the centre of Florida is situated in Polk County, in the town of Lake Wales. In 2006, Population of Florida stands at 18,089,888, an expand about 13% from 2000. Florida is the nation's second-quickly-growing state due to its high job growth, mild climate, and comparatively low cost of living. Florida possesses a high homeless population due in part to the mild climate; even so it also ranks like the most dangerous state in the nation for homeless.


The people in Florida has a very calm and sociable personality. Meet new friends is very important here, at work or in other social activities. That it is the reason why citizens of Florida often use personal webcams to meet people from different cities in this American state. Other ways to meet people without the use of personal webcams is visiting some of the many beaches in the state of Florida. These are areas with high people activity, playing sports or just enjoying the spectacular weather and crystal waters there are in this area throughout all year.

Florida population boom

Florida undergoes a important population boom, most of its rural areas and cities are too getting changes. Most land of Florida is being changed from rural to urban areas, serving to compensate for the population increase. As Florida's land develops, the population sees tremendous changes and growth.

florida people
In 1920 less than a million people inhabited in Florida, in the next five-year period the population increased at a rate four times greater than that of any other state. Rumors of enormous profits to be made in real estate had conveyed in hundreds of thousands of speculators. Land parcels were repeatedly bought and sold at inflated prices, and the craze finally peaked in 1925, when 2,500,000 newcomers entered the state. The expansion of military and naval bases during World War II got another spectacular boom.

When Florida arrived under U.S jurisdiction in 1821, there were about 5,000 Seminole Indians inhabiting there. Most of the Native Americans were separated to the Oklahoma Territory, but some descendants of those who remained inhabit in three reservations in southern Florida.

During 1830 the Florida's black and white populations were about equal; now African Americans total around 14% of the population. People of Spanish speaking origin principally Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban make up around 9%.

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