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Though it's the state nickname, describing Florida as the Sunshine State is as saying Katie Couric "perky." Sure, it's true, but not all the time, and it doesn't nearly start to describe the state's other marketable assets. There's a lot more to the state than just sunshine, which, by the way, isn't even a 24/7 given; it does rain here. Weather aside, selecting the best of Florida is by no means simple. While millions of travellers move here to escape the bleakness of winter and landlocked locations, they don't all arrive for sun, fun, and Mickey Mouse. Granted, the promise of (mostly) clear skies and 800 miles of sparkling, sandy beaches is alluring, as are the animatronics and roller coasters in Orlando and Tampa, but there's much more to the state than that. In fact, in many ways, Florida is as a beautiful, blond beauty queen whom everyone thinks is all fluff until they find out she happens to be a Rhodes Scholar. More than meets the eye has made this one of the country's most famous year-round vacation destinations.

Here you can select from a colourful, often kitschy assortment of accommodations, from deluxe resorts to mom-and-pop motels. You can find remote little towns like Apalachicola or a multicultural megalopolis as Miami. You can enjoy fresh seafood, from amberjack to oysters, and then work off those calories in such outdoor pursuits as bicycling, golfing, or kayaking. Despite overdevelopment in several parts of the state, Floridians have preserved thousands of acres of wilderness areas, from the little respite of Clam Pass County Park in downtown Naples to brilliant Everglades National Park, which stretches through the state's southern tip.

You'll find diverse other outstanding resorts, hotels, destinations, activities, and attractions described. And with an open mind and a sense of adventure, you'll come up with bests of your own.

The climate of Florida is tempered somewhat by its proximity to water. Most of the state possesses a humid subtropical climate, except for the southern tip which borders on tropical and the Florida Keys which possess a true tropical climate.

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