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A rough estimate puts the number of restaurants in Fort Lauderdale at about 4,500. An abundance of quaint bistros, ethnic enclaves and top-rated steak and seafood houses bolster the Venice of America’s reputation to Fort Lauderdale of being an excellent venue for interesting culinary adventures.

Fort Lauderdale Restaurants are specialised in specific areas like American, Continental, Cuban, British, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, French, Greek, Caribbean, Spanish, Thai, Indian- these and many other regions are well represented by restaurants here.

Also Fort Lauderdale have many restaurants that deal only in ice creams, deserts, pizzas, fast food, chicken, steaks, coffee, yoghurts, seafood, barbeques and similar.

Restaurants that serve healthy but provocative food dish out pizza style multi grain breads, cedar plank salmon, glazed turkey, onion skewers- and many more, all low calorie. Scrumptious deserts like red velvet cake, meringue pie, tarts with wonderful fillings and sinfully rich cream pies are just a little that allure even serious dieters.

Visitors can turn their Fort Lauderdale vacation into a delightful culinary expedition thanks to Fort Lauderdale restaurants. Exotic smells can conduct one to restaurant serving authentic Indian food. Quite a few joints can satiate your desire for succulent fish. Coconut fried shrimp and jerk chicken can give you a taste of the Caribbean in Fort Lauderdale. While the gyros and moussaka here can transport you to Greece; the empanadas and ceviches are authentic Latin.

When in a rush one can select from the various sandwich bars and fast food joints that serve up a tasty filling snack in a matter of few minutes. Fort Lauderdale also possess a few great spots for wine lovers to indulge in. Diverse restaurants also take pride in having first-class wine lists.

Better food an indispensable part of any vacation. By giving tourists access to a wide range of cuisines Fort Lauderdale restaurants enhance the overall image of this popular tourist destination.

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