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Jacksonville Travel Guide

Jacksonville Travel Guide

Jacksonville is a great destination full of charm and beauty; it's the largest city (total area of 874.3 square miles) with over than 13% of water with over than 13% of water, and the most populated in the State of Florida located in 3019'10"N 8139'36"W where the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Jacksonville is very famous for its historic past.

Jacksonville is a bustling urban center that has several opportunities for a pleasant trip with shops, tourist attractions, museums, zoos, gardens, parks, restaurants with everything from Japanese to American cuisine can be found here, and most at affordable prices; and a lot more.

Jacksonville has a humid subtropical climate, the city enjoys of hot weather on summers and mild weather during winters; you must be careful because it's common to have thunderstorms during summer, caused by the rapid heating of land and the high humidity and during winter there can be hard freezes rarely, and even rarer is snow that melts upon making contact with the ground.

Jacksonville cityscape offers an impressive view, Downtown Jacksonville offers a great view of the tallest building in the skyline, The Bank of America Tower, and also from it; there are other tall structures such as: Independent Square, At&T tower, The Peninsula at St. Johns Center and Riverplace Tower.

Jacksonville attractions

The city is also popular for the large urban park system; with more than 330 locations, many of them received international recognition, for its facilities and scape that include natural beauty, boating, swimming, fishing, jet-skiing, surfing and more. Some of the places you must visit to enjoy nature and have a pleasant time are: Kids Kampus, Tree Hill Nature Center, Hemming Plaza, Kacsonville Arboretum and Gardens, Ronnie Van Zant Memorial Park, Veterans Memorial Wall and more.

This travel guide offers trustful information on places to visit, where to eat, what to do and what to see in Jacksonville; you may want to plan your trip in advance, so you can read this information and structure your itineraries to enjoy this trip as much as you can
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