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For a city renowned for its sunny weather, hot nightlife and good dining, Miami had astonishingly modest beginnings. Situated on the far south coast of Florida, perked between a mangrove swamp and a barrier reef, Miami was founded 100 years ago, when a tycoon named Henry Flagler extended his railroad to bring citrus fruits from the frost-free south. Growing was slow until the Florida land boom in years 20. During Prohibition, Al Capone arrived here when the high temperature was on in Chicago. After World War II, the Mafia moved in and later, one time Fidel Castro taken over in Cuba in 1959, waves of Cuban refugees came. Soon, they had constituted Miami as the Latin capital of the USA with later mass immigration in the 1980s too. The cultural climate the Cubans created in Miami inspired residents of other Latin countries (Colombia, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Haiti and others) to seek an escape from poverty or oppressive governments and emigrate. And now, Spanish is spoken as pervasively in Miami as English.

Thus far the city is one of extremely modern cities and the second biggest in Florida. (After Jacksonville) but easily its most interesting, exotic and cosmopolitan. Miami, known like Greater Miami and the Beaches or just Greater Miami for short, comprises a number of islands and mainland communities, including two cities – Miami and Miami Beach. Much of Miami’s appeal is deserved to its several neighbourhoods, which range from the big-city, towering skyscrapers of downtown Miami (the commercial heart of the city) to Little Havana, home to the Cuban community, or to the trendy Miami Beach neighbourhood of South Beach. South Beach is likely most recognizable ‘Miami’ with its candy-coloured Art Deco buildings set against a pure South Florida backdrop of cloudless skies, dazzling blue ocean, pale sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

The Populous Miami is also an international critical point of commerce, finance, culture, sports, entertainment, transportation and tourism, which is, not astonishingly, the city’s main source of income. The downtown Port of Miami is the biggest cruise ship port in the world, which wields more than three million passengers a year. Also its importance to cruise travel, Miami Beach is, of course, world-renowned for its ‘gold coast’ hotel strip, palatial properties and outdoor recreational facilities. Locals give the feeling that nothing could ever be more important than taking a morning run along the beachside path, sunning oneself or shopping during the afternoon, then dining and dancing till dawn. Its subtropical climate guarantees warm weather year-round.

Miami is basically a city founded on the ideals of liberation by immigrants looking for an opportunity to flourish. Now one of the most exciting cities in the country, this safe, successful, multicultural metropolis has reverberance and savoir faire and actually is a ‘City of the Future’.

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