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Eating in Miami

Miami have a huge range of restaurants providing to all tastes and pockets. The selected restaurants have been separated into five categories: Gastronomic, Business, Trendy, Budget and Personal Recommendations. The restaurants are listed alphabetically within these diverse categories, which function as guidelines rather than absolute definitions of the establishments.

As well as a 6.5% state sales tax, almost municipalities impose special taxes on restaurants, which alter from 9.5% to 12.5% according to district. These taxes are not contained in menu prices but are added to the bill at the end. Some places also contain a service charge in the bill but this is not common. It is usual to leave a tip of 15-20% for service.

These prices are for an average three-course meal for one person and for a bottle of house wine or cheapest equivalent; they do not include taxes, service charge or tip.

Some international cuisines are to be found, with a heavy leaning towards Latin foods, particularly Cuban cuisine. Cuban cuisine to try: a sandwich cubano (Cuban sandwich), and a cafecito (literally: little coffee, but compares to a strong, sweet expresso.)

Coral Gables is the business district between Monday to Friday (Downtown being the Banking district) where more people apply to work. It is loaded with places to eat, from cafes to great restaurants. It has much more life during the week, but the restaurants are open on weekends too.

Along the beach there are several restaurants. Ocean Drive (South Beach) possesses a street entire of restaurants and nightclubs. Lincoln Road Mall (near 17th Street) possesses numerous stores and restaurants and is very normal of South Beach with its gay bars, restaurants and stores ones next to the others. Between 67th and 75th street and Collins Avenue there are several restaurants like Argentineans, Chileans, Mexicans, Japanese, Italian, Peruvian, Venezuelan, French, Colombian, Greek (highly recommended), and so on.

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