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Miami photos are impressive images of this city that shows the reasons why itís considered a leader in finance, industry, commerce, culture, media, entertainment and other sectors. Miami was ranked as one of the cleanest cities in America due to its good air quality, vast green spaces, clean water and streets.

Miami counts with a wonderful cityscape with several highlights and attractions where a visitor can get perfect pictures with a good camera, places such as: Parks: the Bicentennial Park, The Botanic Garden, tropical Park, Virginia Key, Zoo Miami, the Seaquarium and more.

Photographers recommend some hot sports for outdoor photography, you can consider some of them to visit and get awesome pictures like the photos in this guide, and some of them are: Virginia Beach in Key Biscayne because of its romantic atmosphere and rustic corners with old vegetation, The Enchanted Forest Park, The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and others.

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