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When you are planning to explore Florida and you want a way to store your memories for a lifetime, creating your own travel guide that you can keep for years to come is highly recommended. Making your own Florida travel guide is a way for you to familiarize yourself with surroundings while ensuring you get to visit any special venues or locations you have always wanted to see.

What is a Travel Guide?

When you make a Florida travel map or guide it is a way for you to specifically map out where you want to visit based on the amount of time you plan to spend in the state. You can include real maps, photos of sightseeing locations you want to visit and information about hotels or bed and breakfasts you plan to stay in while you are there. A travel guide can also include photos of your surroundings, tips and tricks for getting around with transportation and even prices of local events, dining options and entertainment that you have an interest in.

Using an Image Resizer to Make Your Travel Guide

Saving your Florida photos and placing them within a travel guide of your own that you have made is possible by utilizing a free online image resizer. Using an image resizer online is a way for you to upload multiple photos at a time or entire folders to resize the files and the entire size of the images themselves before implementing them in to any guide you are making.

pdf to word

Image Converters

When you want to change the file type of some of your documents including your travel guide, you can opt for a Word to PDF conversion tool or system online. Using a Word to PDF converter is a way to create and save files that are more accessible to anyone using computers or mobile phones and tablet devices. Converting your Word file into PDF will make the file itself more accessible and universal regardless of who is trying to view your photos and the information you have saved within the guide itself.


Saving your Florida photos and creating a travel guide any time you plan to make a visit is a way for you to ensure you are getting the most out of your time and money invested in the trip. Making a travel guide can eliminate the need to research each day you want to plan while you are actually in Florida.

Boca Raton Photos


BOCA RATON (literally "the mouth of the rat"), twenty miles north of Fort Lauderdale, is noteworthy mostly for its abundance of Mediterranean Revival architecture.

Boca Raton Photos
Boca Raton Travel guide

Daytona Beach Photos


DAYTONA BEACH is a favorite vacation destination to enjoy NASCAR Racing, Bike Week, Spring Break.

Daytona Beach Photos
Daytona Beach Travel guide

Fort Lauderdale Photos


A single low-budget Hollywood movie changed FORT LAUDERDALE from a mild-mannered little town that happened to adjoin seven miles of palm-shaded white sands into a byword for uninhibited beach life.

Fort Lauderdale Photos
Fort Lauderdale Travel guide

Jacksonville Photos


JACKSONVILLE owes its origins to its strategic position in Celtic times on the tin merchants' route from Britain up the Seine and across the Alps to the Adriatic.

Jacksonville Photos
Jacksonville Travel guide

Miami Photos


Far and away the most exciting city in Florida, MIAMI is a stunning and often intoxicatingly beautiful place.

Miami Photos
Miami Travel guide

Orlando Photos


ORLANDO may be called the super tourism capital of the world: A great climate, more attractions than any other place.

Orlando Photos
Orlando Travel guide

Palm Beach Photos


A small island town of palatial homes and gardens, and streets so clean you could eat your dinner off them, PALM BEACH has been synonymous for nearly a century with the kind of lifestyle only limitless loot can buy.

Palm Beach Photos
Palm Beach Travel guide

Pensacola Photos


You might be inclined to overlook PENSACOLA , tucked away as it is at the west end of the Panhandle. The city, on the northern bank of the broad Pensacola Bay, is five miles inland.

Pensacola Photos
Pensacola Travel guide

Sarasota Photos


Rising on a gentle hillside beside the blue waters of Sarasota Bay, SARASOTA is one of Florida's better-off and better-looking towns.

Sarasota Photos
Sarasota Travel guide

Tampa Photos


TAMPA, the business hub of the west coast, has been one of the major beneficiaries of the flood of people and money into Florida - and boasts an impressive cultural diet envied by many larger rivals.

Tampa Photos
Tampa Travel guide

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