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Florida cuisine is a great sample of Florida culture, and has been developed since ancient years with the exchange of multicultural cuisines; in fact what makes a particular dish part of Florida cuisine is that it was influenced by visitors and immigrants from several parts of the world.

This cuisine is widely known as Floribbean cuisine due to the influence from the Caribbean that is divided into Afro-Floribbean cuisine, Latin-Floribbean cuisine, Indo-Floribbean cuisine, Hispano-Floribbean cuisine according to the place of influence. Florida cuisine also varies according to the region, so you'll find some differences between Pensacola, Miami and Tampa Recipes or any other city recipes from north to south of Florida.

As Florida is in a peninsula, chefs have had access to fresh seafood to prepare their recipes and due to the climate they also have had fresh fruits and vegetables all year, the most popular native products are: Citrus, strawberries, grouper, barbeque, beans, alligator, sweet tea and more. Beverages are pretty varied too, and in the case of alcoholic beverages there are some counties where that itís not sold and those are called dry counties.

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Cooking schools

Cooking schools in Florida

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